Patricia is the current vice president and a past president of the California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch. dcc49515-8787-493c-a794-3aba47abc203_1_105_cHer short stories and poems have been published in several anthologies and on Women on Writing’s website. In the nonfiction genre, she writes press releases for the Livermore-Amador Symphony concerts that appear in Livermore’s The Independent and the Pleasanton Weekly newspaper.

Coming soon! A fantasy novel for young adults, Traitor in the Realm.

Teen artist, Kallan MacKinnon, becomes trapped with her family in a medieval kingdom that’s under attack. She and her foster brother, Matthew Webbe, tangle with magical beings and prehistoric creatures in their attempt to reach the gateway back to Earth before it closes forever. Their friendship is tested when they meet magically gifted twins from the new world. Is it worth risking their lives to save a foreign realm from a homegrown threat? How much are they willing to sacrifice in exchange for safe passage home?

Four teens

Two worlds

One perilous summer